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Pastoral Council

Welcome to the Holy Name Pastoral Council information page! We are a committee appointed by our Parish Pastor to assist in and provide council to our Pastor on various aspects of our parish ministries and daily operations. Our Mission Statement is as follows:

We, the Pastoral Council of Holy Name Catholic Church will seek to advise the pastor on all matters affecting the good order of the parish, with an emphasis on strategic approaches to advance the cause of the Gospel in our community, being guided by the authentic teaching of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. As representatives of the parish we will be sensitive and responsive to the needs and concerns of all in a spirit of prayer, commitment and action.

Pastoral Council Email Addresses
Name Email Address
Fr. Patrick Travers, Parish Priest pjtravers@att.net
Patti Krosse, Chair ohcaak@kpunet.net
Maria Orta jalisquilla77@hotmail.com
Evan Raber evanraber@gmail.com
Mark Hilson m.hilson@hotmail.com
Purita Villaflor n/a

  • Pastoral Plan (2016-2020)
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